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OpenCare vs was the clear winner!

As a recent Canadian transplant in need of a new dentist, I explored both and, platforms offering rewards to attract new patients. With the Canadian government investing $3 billion annually in a new National Dental Care Program, attracting new patients is crucial for Canadian dentists in 2024.

Comparing OpenCare to, both platforms offer similar services but differ in certain aspects. OpenCare boasts a memorable name with a versatile domain, reaching beyond Canada into the United States. In contrast,, limited to the Canadian market with a specific domain, maintains a strong industry-centric presence.

In terms of SEO, takes the lead, benefiting from the high search volume for the keyword 'Dentists' in Canada. Their domain, coupled with a strategic approach to organic search, positions them favorably for Canadian patients seeking dental services.

For patients, excels in user-friendliness. While OpenCare lacks the ease of patient-driven dentist selection, simplifies the process, allowing patients to compare ratings and book appointments effortlessly. Both platforms offer rewards and affiliate programs, but emerges as the clear winner for Canadians seeking dental services.

For dentists, both platforms provide similar patient acquisition services. features an open directory database, allowing dentists to pay for a featured listing or opt for a free basic listing in Canada. While the specific costs for new patient acquisitions are not explicitly mentioned, it appears to involve a one-time acquisition fee.

Ultimately, my experience led me to book with OpenCare presented challenges with a slow and awkward online booking system, taking eight minutes to find out they had no dentists available in my area. In contrast,'s two-minute booking form made finding a new dentist quick and easy. Although both platforms serve a valuable purpose, stood out for its user-friendly approach.

In conclusion, both and play vital roles in helping patients find the best dentists in Canada. However, emerged as the preferred choice for me in this scenario.


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